FACT: We cannot survive without water! What you drink makes a difference!

We opened our Alkaline Water store because we believe and understand the importance of achieving better health. My husband and I are both health conscious individuals and strive to give everyone who comes to us the best advice about being healthier, visit our website. When you are healthy you feel better. It is not something you notice overnight. It takes time to feel the positive changes within your body, it is all physiological down to the very cells that make us up and our cells are the living organisms that need the best of what we put into our bodies and that includes water, although it takes a little time you soon will see the difference on the outside as well. 
We cannot survive with out water, that is a FACT. Many don't know how dehydrated they are until they start to drink more water and eventually find that their bodies are craving water more than sodas, teas, energy drinks etc... water in most cases may just be water to the naked eye but it is what you don't see that makes all the difference! You can't necessarily see trace minerals or anti-oxidants but you can certainly taste and see the cleanliness of our water. We make sure it is clean and we put back the minerals that are necessary for function as well as the anti-oxidants that keep free radicals from destroying our cells. Changes do not happen overnight but keeping consistent to what you eat and drink to make you feel your best is what is important. Only YOU can take charge of your health and well-being! You are responsible for YOU!