Can you tell if your dehydrated?

About 75% Americans are chronically dehydrated. For optimum hydration you need to be drinking the number of fluid ounces equal to half your body weight and not just the recommended “8 glasses per day.” If you weigh 140lbs, you need to drink 70 oz per day. Other beverages such as coffee, tea and soft drinks have caffeine and rather than hydrating you they dehydrate you due to the large amounts of caffeine.  Regular bottled water and tap water consumed today is acidic and will not efficiently absorb into the body, adding to the dehydration dilemma. Should you worry about being dehydrated? Absolutely! Dehydration can also slow down your metabolism which can lead to weight retention. Drinking the good kind of water that has added benefits to keep you better hydrated and provide the good minerals our body needs to function is essential to keeping even your metabolism at its best.