Is your brain dehydrated?

Is your BRAIN dehydrated? So many of us are unaware that even our brain is lacking hydration. Our brains are 80% water and when we fail to replace the fluids lost through sweat, our bodies borrow water from the cells in the brain for use in essential processes elsewhere. This causes the cells in the brain to wither and shrink. Dehydration not only effects the size of the brain, but how hard it works. Quenching our thirst with other beverages besides water is not hydrating our ...bodies or brain enough. As most of these fluids such as coffee, sodas, tea, beer actually make our bodies increase output and therefore dehydrating our bodies even further. Our natural alkaline water has a higher absorption rate than regular tap and other bottled water and our bodies are able to absorb it faster to be more efficient and keep our bodies and brain better hydrated.