Body's natural mechanism to maintain pH balance

It's're body naturally has mechanisms in place to maintain a 7.35-7.45 level pH which is slightly alkaline. So why alkaline water? Our lifestyles, eating habits, medications and stress have a way of disrupting all those mechanisms and in turn our body works harder to maintain the appropriate level. The majority of us eat mostly acid-forming meals full of sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and way too much poorly digested animal protein. If you...r digestion is poor from a lack of stomach acid and other enzymes- a common condition today - and if you know nothing about the value of proper food combining, you will not digest your meals. Poor digestion also contributes to an acidic blood condition. Not all of us eat the way we should (although we try, we are not perfect). Alkaline water helps our bodies help itself in which it provides better hydration, minerals and anti-oxidants we need so our body does not work as hard to be efficient while protecting our cells from free radical damage. There is always the good with the bad and we want to focus on what is good, water is good but the kind of water you drink matters, so why not drink water that helps your body and in turn just makes you FEEL GOOD! Do your research and decide for yourself! We want everyone to know that it is possible to achieve better health simply by changing the water you drink. Water is life!